Saturday, January 21, 2012

Going to the Zoo from Memphis School

The other day after my son and I visited the Zoo, we stuck the camera out the window and took a picture of the old steel-staircase. I was told these steps were installed sometime around 1950.

Back in the Spring of 1968, when I was in Memphis 2nd grade. Our teacher, Miss Shirley Roach, took our whole class to the Zoo for a field trip. We all walked to the Zoo from Memphis School by walking down W. 42, then walking down these steel steps that's on the hillside off Pensacola Avenue's wooded area.

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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Interior Shots of Memphis before the Demo

The school facing west.
A couple of shots of a classroom, minus the blackboards and steam radiators. The steam radiators were always found below the windows. Anything that had any value was pulled from the school before the demolition by 'pickers' of every kind. You name it...hardwood floors, blackboards, windows, plumbing, copper wiring. At the end, the school was essentially, an empty shell.
Remember the cloakrooms?
The old stage in the auditorium. I remember a few puppet shows and small concerts being held there. During the sixties, we ate our lunches in the auditorium.
The auditorium facing Henritze.
This appears to be the second-floor corridor.
One of the entrances into the gym and a couple of shots of the gym itself. According to the clock, power to the school was pulled at 7:30. This clock and its protective cage now hangs in our home on our game room wall. It keeps excellent time!