Thursday, October 11, 2012

Memphis School Artifacts

No friends...these relics aren't from the Titanic. They're from our old school on Memphis Avenue. A box filled with some antiques/junk and a few other items were given to me by the last owners of Memphis. This was after I shot some pictures at the school. One of the items is this Remington typewriter. Click on any image to enlarge.
The spool of ribbon is still in tact.
Amazingly, this machine still works! I believe it's from the 40's.
Then there's this box of lantern slides. These are slides that you show using a projector that's made to show only one-slide-at-a-time.

Here's one of the slides with schoolchildren using umbrellas.
An old call-box which was attached on the wall of the Principal's office. If you needed the custodian or to call the dispensary, you would simply press a button and someone would come running. Who needs cell phones!
A ceiling light fixture from one of the stairwells. It's about 18" tall and has a beautiful glass sconce on it. I removed it just before the tear down. I had planned on removing more of these as there were about 50 of them left hanging throughout the school. Unfortunately, time ran out. I will be posting a few more interesting artifacts soon.

By-the-way, if you went to Memphis, consider writing a story like the stories that Nancy, Kail or Attila have written. It could be as long or short as you like! Please send your story and any photos you have to: