Sunday, August 7, 2016

Pearl and Broadvue Road

Thanks to our good friend Russ Kawentel, who recently found this awesome image of the Broadvue Theater and the surrounding stores at the corner of Pearl and Broadvue Road. This is from an Old Brooklyn history book. Click on this image for better viewing and to read the text.

Here's also some neat info from Russ.... "The billboard above the theater advertises Leisy's Beer, a local brewery that was at Fulton and Vega Avenue. They closed in 1958". A good story on them is at:

The sign on the building across the street from the Broadvue says Marshall's. This is no doubt an old Marshall's Drug Store. Not sure what Hoffman's was. It says the photo was taken in 1951, but by the amount of snow on the ground it was probably taken after the famous 1950 Thanksgiving blizzard.