Thursday, August 25, 2011

Mystery of the Lost Homework...Can you help solve it?

A cache of graded homework was found inside the old Memphis School science desk. Evidently, these papers fell behind the desk drawers during the 1950's or early 60's and sat 'entombed' in Room 307 for some 50 years!

Until recently, I had forgotten all about this find. We discovered these graded papers during the time we moved the old desk from Room 307 to our home. This was just before the wrecking-ball came calling. Since then, they've been stored in a shoebox in my garage.

You may have seen a picture of the desk on this blog. If you haven't, go to 2010 blog archive and click on October 13th.
The outside of this stash looks ancient! Looks like it should be in a museum!
Sort of resembles the Dead Sea Scrolls!
But when you open the fold...the papers look like they were just graded yesterday.
If anyone knows any of the students listed below, let them know that we found their homework! It would be great if one of them could shed some light as to what year these were from and for more fun...which teacher lost them!

The only other markings on these papers is the subject; English Grade 5 a and some say Grade 5 b. It appears to be a book-report assignment on 'Winnie the Pooh'.

Most of the names are legible, some of which I could only make out their first names. The names on the papers are:

Nancy Bachman, Dallas Pisker, Jane Gelzinis, Joan Cianciola, J.A. Bognar, Barbara Ferrell, Donna Payne, Margaret-Mary Haas, Byron, Steve Tekisky, Carol Jean Haller, Lynne Farkas, Steve Ference, Elaine Zychowski, Janice Claus, Sandra Stafford, Mary Ann Bibel, Delane, Billy Deisner, William Olsson, Ralph, Gerald Bekon, Esther Risellino, David Rochisky, Slyvia Simon, Wayne Austin, Jack Myers, Kenny Patock, Carla Schraegle, James Parker and Louise Homuth.

The person that solves this Memphis School mystery, will receive an artifact from our old school, i.e., pencil sharpener, a school brick or a coat hook, etc. Remember to click on any image to enlarge, once it's enlarged, click again to SUPER enlarge!

If you have any information in solving this mystery, e-mail me at: